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DaJé Barbour by Danny Lang

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Fuck you right in your rosebud.

This break up is so weird. I don’t even get it. I’m going crazy over this Nazi fuck for no reason really. We were seeing each other since September and stopped about two weeks ago. Now I feel extremely strange. I’m not upset, I’m just hella butthurt— like my ego feels so bruised and I don’t know if I actually miss him or constant sex/going out on dates/feeling important/etc. I also am in disbelief over his immediate recoil. I just fucked him less than two weeks ago and he’s already on to other bitches? Talk about a fear of being undesirable and alone. He’s an insecure pussy who’s afraid of entering a relationship filled with uncertainty. When ironically enough, all relationships provide for uncertainty, not just this one.

1) Don’t tell me you want to be in a serious relationship and then just be like, “oh, wait sike, I’m not ready for this.”
2) Predestining a relationship to failure and magnetizing the petty shit is extremely juvenile and quite frankly, some pussy shit. And, I don’t even like relationships because of all the unwarranted pressure but I felt like I should actually try this time and make an exception but clearly, this shit failed on account of the person who wanted the relationship in the first place which is so whack. (Thankfully Drake and the comedic nature of Tinder have been getting me out of my wallowing.)
3) Don’t claim me as your territory now that YOU left ME. You have no right to tell a mutual friend who has expressed interest in me that he can’t talk to me. (Not that it matters anymore because he’s also a chronically butthurt pussy.)

I just feel so confused right now. I feel like I am fucking ill and the amount of guys interested in me right now is proof of my appeal but because he doesn’t want me THAT in itself is an insurmountable truth and I’m actually just worthless. I don’t understand why I feel that way either because he’s actually so boring and whack in comparison to me. This is not a self-assessed observation— this is a universal truth according to a multitude of third-party objectives.

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